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We Appreciate Your Testimonials

As our mission truly is to enlighten others with our creative writings, kindly leave us any feedback so that we can share with others. You can have your feedback posted on this page by filling out the form below.


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Poet Laureate

Poet Laureate 1. A poet appointed for life by a British monarch (king, queen, etc.) as a member of the royal household and formerly expected to write poems celebrating occasions of national importance and honoring the royal family. 2. A poet appointed to a similar honorary position or honored for artistic excellence. 3. A poet acclaimed as the most excellent or most representative of a locality or group.

[Derivation of laureate: Latin: laurus: a wreath/branch of laurel (a laurel is a small tree with scented leaves and black berries) given (and worn) as a mark of honor in ancient times to poets, heroes, and victors in athletic contests.]

The laurel wreath represents victory. Used throughout history to crown poets, artists, champions and conquerors. It not only represents the physical victory but the series of inner victories achieved by the individual, and the clarification and purification of his inner aims and purposes which lead to the outward victory..." So we now have: Darren the Poet Laureate!


Posted by: Lydia

Darren: I do not know who you are, or where your from, but your Introduction Poem really touched my heart. I feel I have a soul mate in you. Thanks for those beautiful words and I hope your tomorrow is filled with as much sunshine as you have put in mine! - Lydia


Posted by: Ashley

I love the poem Falling In Love With A Friend I can relate to it to every detail! That is the greatest poem. Every time I read it I just cry! Thank you for this great poem and all the other great poems! - Ashley


Posted by: Keella

I just wanted to let you know that your poem Close Friends is wonderful. It reminds me of my very best friend Amy and how we were separated by a move that I had made. We promised that we would never be separated so she is planning to move by me soon. Thanks for that little reminder of a poem on how close we really are! - Keella


Posted by: Steven

I must say, the poem Free-Basing is the most powerful and haunting piece of Poetry I've ever read in my life. Tears came to my eyes when I read it—sad, weeping tears for all the poor souls who are hopelessly addicted to smoking the cocaine rocks. I have driven through their neighborhoods and have seen first hand, through my car windows, their despair. And it seems that whoever wrote this poem is just as sensitive and just as compassionate as I hope to be. Thank You and God Bless. - Steven


Posted by: Jake

That is great Poetry! I'm a young writer at the age of 12. I think the poem entitled Falling In Love With A Friend is really good! I just had to say that! - Later, Jake


Posted by: Shadow Keeper

You have great organizational skills. Easy to surf through all the pages! Nice Site. I was surfing around and came across this site by accident, and found your Poetry to be extremely enlightening. Thanks for the Pleasure! - Shadow Keeper


Posted by: Brandon

This is an outstanding expression of ones feelings, which are very touching and very emotionally concentrated. I can absolutely relate to every single line, except to where he actually told his friend his true desire. I know that's what lies ahead for me in this road to nowhere. Fantastic, because I know I am not the only one who can really relate, and I know what the author was feeling. Awesome! - Brandon


Posted by: Gloria

So glad I found your sight. Have written Poetry in the past - vision problems, which have recently been corrected, made it difficult to read - or do any of the things I enjoyed. Now, that the vision is back - I've been dealing with a very personal loss that I suppose I had put on a back burner - because I couldn't handle it then. Now, I feel the muses rising again. Looking forward to repairing my shattered soul by baring it with Poetry again. Thanks for the pieces of encouragement I found at your sight! - Gloria


Posted by: Jane Capellaro

Your site is so beautiful and it really lifted me up when I was so very let down. Truly this is heaven and I am always glad to be here! - Jane


Posted by: Anifan

You may not remember me, but I e-mailed you regarding your Poetry. Well I just want to say that you should keep on writing. Thanks for letting me read your great Poetry on the wonderful website! - Robert


Posted by: Connie

These poems and daily meditations are designed to make the reader think deeply every day of the year about such issues as the nature of loving relationships, how to be a more sensitive person and the meaning and necessity of community in our lives. What a great site to visit! - Connie


Posted by: Sweetshine

You have some great sound effects for every Poem. You even have backgrounds and sound effects that fits exactly what the poem is feeling or something like that. I like how you set the poems to background music and stuff like that. - Sweetshine


Posted by: Marybeth

The poem Falling In Love With A Friend really touched me. Not only because I have been through a similar experience, but also because the poem flowed so well to me. One thing I always try to remember is "The amount that you have been hurt, you can be loved and love again tenfold." Thanks again for your inspirational writing! - Marybeth


Posted by: Amy

Dear Darren, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful write-up you gave me on your really cool website. What a joy to read all the nice things you wrote about me. You are truly a good friend, and I especially want to thank you for your support at the songwriting contest. Friends like you truly make me feel like a "Winner." Again, thanks for all your friendship and support! - Amy


Posted by: Annette

I just took a cruise into your website and wanted you to know that I never realized how talented and truly gifted you really are, until I glimpsed at your work! I also want you to know that after viewing for myself what you really are capable of doing and creating, that I realize how blessed and lucky I am to have a friend like you in my life! - You are so sensitive, emotional and spiritual, that I could actually feel your magical qualities coming out of your Poetry, which of course is a reflection of you, your world, and how you see life and others! Keep Up The Great Work! Wishing you Love and Light now and always! - Annette


Posted by: Carol

My thanks for allowing me to share in your thoughts with such meaningful expressions through your words. I particularly like The Introduction, Taking The Initiative and Good Guys Finish Last. Your writing is very stimulating and you have aroused many emotions with your subtle words. I have yet to explore all your web site has to offer, but I will. It is inviting! My best to you. - Misty


Posted by: Angel

To all yall poets keep yall Poetry real and sometimes that works and it can get you in the big time. Yall should really try rhyming to cause sometimes rhyming. Be interesting to people cause I know I am the one who likes rhyming. So be cool anyway and make Poetry happen! - Angel J.


Posted by: Richard

I want to thank you for your great website you are truly splurging on creativity which is what we all should do. It is my pleasure to have you as a friend. - Richard


Posted by: Ricky

I truly was touched by your work. Some of these poems brought a tear to my eye as they seem to hit close to home. My favorites are Good Guys Finish Last, Taking The Initiative and Falling In Love With A Friend. Take care and God bless you. - Ricky


Posted by: Marty

Your website is excellent. I live over here in Kalgoorlie "The Gold Capital" of Australia. Maybe you might like to visit and write something on our community board. You can put a link to your website there too, if you like. Warm Regards - Marty


Posted by: Sharon

I really like your Poetry and the presentation of your site. I found you through Poetry Today Online. I really enjoyed the poems about Friends and Children. You have a very wise perspective on life. - Sharon


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