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A Girl So Pretty

In the single gentleman's world, he may occasionally come across a woman who is a lady who attractively catches his eye. What does he then do? Does he honk the horn of his car or utter a provocative whistle from the distance? The author's perspective is to use communications that are special in his approach.


A Girl So Pretty

I never thought I'd see a girl so pretty, a girl who caught my eye,
A girl who made me feel a tingle deep down from inside.

I really would like to know you and be right by your side,
Just to talk about those special things, which we often seem to hide.

Because it's kind of a crazy world out there and people don't seem to care,
And I am just a different guy with so many special things to share.

Just talking means so much as it resolves so many things,
Yet people are afraid to do so because of the consequence it brings.

Have you ever tried to say what was really on your mind,
And people just wouldn't listen or didn't seem to have the time.

You felt a bit confused and you didn't know what to do,
It's as if you've been deserted and were left without your clue.

Well I would like to listen to what you have to say,
As long as you feel free to speak in your very own natural way.

I want to thank you for the time you spent to listen to what I had to say,
Because these words I wrote were just for you and I hope I made your day.


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