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The Beauty of a Woman

How often do we reflect upon the original moment when we first laid eyes upon her and her presence? There was an obvious quality of substance present that yielded us to form a partnership. Those qualities are as true today as they were then. Validate and nurture them continually for the sake of the family unit.


The Beauty of a Woman

A woman truly is the beauty of our entire mankind,
And regardless of the weather, she will always seem to shine.

She has an inborn alluring elegance that stands out amongst the crowd,
That only men with wisdom can truly acknowledge by graceful bow.

Yet many men share a different viewpoint and try to overstep her on their ground,
Which is a form of invalidation aimed at feeling safer if she is down.

This all stems from society's efforts to reverse her vital role,
Of the management of the family, which is the purest of her goals.

Because then the children suffer and will shed their precious tear,
Because this artificial agreement can actually instill their world with fear.

Yet why not extend your ear and simply listen to what she has to say,
And absorb her words as kindness offered to make a brighter day.

Why engage in battle with the caring partner on your team,
And dampen the inner bonding that actually excels you toward your dream.

You know it's really kind of simple to maintain the connection of he and she,
And operate together in the way it's meant to be.

It's the beauty of a women that no words can describe,
An entity to be cherished where the reward will be survive.


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