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Best Friends Forever

From her collection entitled: A Young Girl's Mind, Deanna Cantoral, who has been writing since the age of ten, has always loved writing for herself and writing for others. We are happy to feature her writings. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, on our Featured Artists page, please feel free to Contact Us


Best Friends Forever

They told me what I didn't want to hear,
The pain of it will never disappear,

The lesson was long due to be learned.
But no amount of years would have prepared me.

Time doesn't change anything,
People do.

Physical wounds heal in time
Do emotional ones' work the same?

I've had bones broken,

Years of progressing depression

I'd have them broken again
And relive the years again

To get back that one year
Eighteen years I've lived so far
Eighteen years to get to where I am now

I had no chance to be a kid

But that year I did
Five people made that possible

And so son it was taken away
What I never thought was possible
Was torn apart
Slowly but surely

I wouldn't accept it
But it's time

But if I had one wish
I wouldn't change anything of the past,
It made me stronger
I wouldn't wish for money
It comes and goes
I wouldn't wish for health
We all die
I wish we could call be together again
Even if it was just for one day
Just to feel like the old days
I'd give anything to laugh the way I use to
Anything to have fun the way I use to
Anything to feel reckless and stupid like I use to
Anything to feel like a kid again.
Anything for all of you.

© 2008 Deanna Cantoral. All Rights Reserved.


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