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This is a Poem about Children and their special role and importance in life. The author's perspective is not only to remind you of this, but also to remind you that you have to acknowledge yourself for your special role and all you ever so patiently do in following through as you raise your newborn dawn after dawn.



Children are so special I just really have to say,
Like the way they form their smile when they think of Santa's sleigh.

When you place them in their beds and snug them in real tight,
You sense their pure true presence and that makes you feel so right.

They have soft puffy cheeks and little stubby feet,
And when they're all dressed up they really look kind of neat.

You know they never should be scolded for the things they do not know,
You just have to be on the ready to be able to show them what you know.

Because all they really need is just a little tender hug,
And all the proper guidance on the way they should share their love.

You know it's really not so simple and it's a major task for you,
To raise a newborn dawn after dawn,

But just do me one favor and please follow through.


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