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Close Friends

This is a Poem about Close Friends really sticking together through it all. In order for us to truly classify friends as such, it often comes down to a single word—Judgmental. Thus, when the Judgmental Factor is nonexistent in our interpersonal relations and interactions with others, Close Friends are abound in droves.


Close Friends

Close friends are extremely important to have,
During the times when we're in need.

I mean those special kind of friends,
Who warm our hearts with such great speed.

Friends who will listen to what we have to say,
Friends who won't mislead us and then turn and walk away.

Friends who won't withdraw allegiance when they offer us their word,
Friends who won't pretend to listen when we're yearning to be heard.

Friends who don't regret the past because life's in you today,
Friends who seem to make tomorrow that bright and shiny day.

Because when we're looking down they will ease us to the side,
And they will be there to share our wounded feelings we hold inside.

They do it with open arms and everlasting care,
They do it without even being asked to be there.

When amongst close friends your deepest feelings flee from you,
Because they will be soothed by trusting, loving hearts which care about you.


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