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Drifting Away

This is a Poem about lovers slowly drifting apart. It taps into the often felt insecurity of wondering if the relationship will end or die, followed by if one will ever be able to share that same high. Thus, it is the author's perspective to knock off the insecure wondering(s) and just continually create the relationship.


Drifting Away

You are walking side by side while walking hand in hand,
You're so closely joined together in your romantical land.

Yet you keep on thinking about those early days when you were racing toward the sun,
Because you've hit so many struggles that make your lives feel so undone.

Will it end or Will it die,
Will you ever be able to share that same high.

You start roaming the lonely streets without getting any sleep,
You keep on reaching for those things that will make your life complete.

First you let out a sigh and then you let out your cry,
You feel a little dazed and confused about a heart you may lose.

You are running to the end without your only friend,
Just wondering if the flame will ever light again.

Because it's those special times that you've shared that makes you real sad,
And those moments of anger is what makes you real mad.

You start drifting away without any say,
Wondering if there will ever be another day.


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