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Falling In Love With A Friend

This best way to describe this Poem is by sharing what a reader posted on our testimonials page. "Falling In Love With A Friend really touched me. Not only because I have been through a similar experience, but also because the poem flowed so well to me. One thing I always try to remember is 'The amount that you have been hurt, you can be loved and love again tenfold.' Thanks again for your inspirational writing!"


Falling In Love With A Friend

As I wake up every morning I feel so much for you,
I keep on thinking about the times we spent when I wanted to be with you.

I wanted things real perfect and I wanted them real fine,
I just wanted you to know back then that in my heart you shined.

I wanted to get together so I could hold you close and near,
Where you would be my rainbow who would shine on me all year.

My feelings were growing stronger while you were my close friend,
Feelings which have enlightened my heart till the very end.

I never had the nerve to tell you how much that I cared,
Because I didn't want to be rejected with an answer that was bad.

So I always keep on wondering if you wanted to be mine,
The time was moving closer now and it was time to reach and find.

Then I attacked you with long letters and dumped them straight on you,
Letters that were written by a man you never knew.

Then I told you how I felt and we shared our secret kiss,
Which made you feel confused - Now it was either hit or miss.

Then you wouldn't even see me nor accept my gentle touch,
It wasn't if I asked to marry you nothing quite as much.

Your friends would have been so proud of you for having a special guy,
But I just couldn't accept your answer and just had to say goodbye.


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