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This best way to describe this Poem is by sharing what a reader posted on our testimonials page. "I must say, the poem Free-Basing is the most powerful and haunting piece of poetry I've ever read in my life. Tears came to my eyes when I read it—sad, weeping tears for all the poor souls who are hopelessly addicted to smoking the cocaine rocks. I have driven through their neighborhoods and have seen first hand, through my car windows, their despair. And it seems that whoever wrote this poem is just as sensitive and just as compassionate as I hope to be." - Thank You and God Bless. - Steven



As the state of confusion enters our world we never know what to do,
Our house begins to turn into a running wild zoo.

The cook is in the kitchen with a Pyrex in his hand,
Which produces a drug so dangerous and pure, one which is outlawed and banned.

The baking soda is added and the screens are fully burned,
A wild experience offered to all, one we must master and learn.

Dragons and cubs will do fine for our torch, because when you're down to real partying,
All Q-tips and alcohol are banned and thrown forth.

You know the atmosphere is important and stalkers cannot stay,
Because the high you receive is adulterant free, you have to behave to be able to stay.

Then the time will go by while you are enjoying your high,
You may hear a whistle and start to cry.

You will think of a phase when you lived in a maze,
Unable, unsure with no path to a door.

You've taken part in the game called free-basing cocaine,
An expensive game indeed where people lose their house because of greed.

You've got those ladies all around you with no morals or respect,
They keep on stalking through the carpets for those little crystal pets.

Their babies are left at home unprotected all alone,
While they have immoral acts with men just for a hit of resin from the stem.

It would be so selfish and cruel if we would allow it to rule,
By living our lives with untrust and be subjected by lust.

I have outlined the rules as well as offered my clues,
Now all should be able to be able to choose.


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