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From her collection entitled: A Young Girl's Mind, Deanna Cantoral, who has been writing since the age of ten, has always loved writing for herself and writing for others. We are happy to feature her writings. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, on our Featured Artists page, please feel free to Contact Us



They say 2's company and that 3 is a crowd
But we were 6...and we were proud...
We shared our thoughts, and we shared our tears,
and just years later, it all disappeared...

I remember summer mornings,
you guys were already there.
And the kiddy pool outside,
was for everyone to share,
I remember hearing wheels,
from skateboards up the ramp,
and late summer nights,
sharing ciggs out of our packs...
I remember Friday nights.when wed all go to the mall,
and wed walk in a pack,and must have still looked small.

we didn't mind the stares we got from everywhere,
all we knew was the bus, was leaving right at ten.
I remember those long bus rides, now they seem so short.

I remember rainy says, when we wouldn't stay inside,
instead wed just run out,into those stormy skies...

I remember boys club pool,that we would just sneak in,
and even with Tye's broken bones, we made it over with grins.
They're wasn't a force in the world,that could possibly hold us down,
until the years starting passing, and I just sat there with a frown.
It started with the long fights, and heartbreaks came righte next,
and then came graduations, and it was all just a mess.

You guys are still there. And I see you from time to time
and no matter what time passes, you always will be mine...
Those memories are in my heart, until the day I die,

But I cannot stand the thought, that those times are far behind
So please keep me in your thoughts, as you always are in mine.
You guys are just the best, that's said without a doubt,
and I hope we share these memories...and more to talk about
So lets keep this plain and short,
and I love you all inside and out!

© 2008 Deanna Cantoral. All Rights Reserved.


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