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Fallen Stones

Within our Poetry, we proudly share our creative and inspirational writings with you! We also like to give recognition to other aspiring Poets by allowing them to submit samples of their writings to be posted on our Featured Artists page. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, please feel free to Contact Us


Fallen Stones

This is not just another cry for help,
But for the awareness of
where we are going

And that we somehow
Lost sight of life
each one of us
just a little

Because if we stopped
for one minute of think
about what its all about

Why we want so much
to give back nothing

Why we don't demand
the powerful to feel
their conscience

Yet we slowly join them
as we scrape our way
up their hill

Thinking that a fallen stone
will bring us happiness

© 1993 Carolprose, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


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