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Good Guys Finish Last

This Poem plays the typical tune we often hear in our current backward society regarding how Good Guys and Good Girls usually finish last. You can either get stuck in the dramatization of this scenario or simply realize that you are one of the special ones who will not yield until you find your true equal. Do the latter.


Good Guys Finish Last

Was there ever a person whom you decided to hug,
But you found it real hard as you tried to offer you love.

Things seemed to be going really smooth and flowing mighty fine,
But all your words were scrambled and you could not speak your line.

Your pride was hurt a little as you walked along the shore,
You were just a little bit to honest, that must have been your flaw.

You were seen so small and simple from those eyes that stared at you,
And your picture slowly faded before you even knew.

Was it really worth the effort when you spent those nights at home,
By writing those touching letters as you were left unknown.

How come the ones who really care get left behind to stare,
While she would want to choose the one who's out to use.

So, should I take his way of thinking as I'm dancing across the floor,
And treat them all like objects and only look to score.

Should I tell them some white lie and not even worry if they cry,
And then end it all real soon after one good afternoon.

Just when the good times have begun you realize that they aren't even fun,
I'm gonna have to give it one more try to make the pain inside subside.


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