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To My Grandmother: Rose

From her collection entitled: A Young Girl's Mind, Deanna Cantoral, who has been writing since the age of ten, has always loved writing for herself and writing for others. We are happy to feature her writings. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, on our Featured Artists page, please feel free to Contact Us


To My Grandmother: Rose

I was sitting in a field,
with what people call weeds.
I pulled one from the ground,
and couldn't help but weep.

I pulled these for you,
in what seems not long ago.
And when I handed it over,
your face couldn't help but glow,

It wasn't just one time...
it happened quiet a few,
cause I wanted to show you,
how much I loved you...
I tried to do my best,
to make you very proud,
so you could look down on me,
with much less then a frown.

I use to look for roses,since it was your name...
but when someone was looking,
I ran away with shame...
I saw you as the big tree,
that use to bring me shade,
and on those stormy wet days,
you were that dry safe place...
I saw you as my always where so strong,
I know I get that from you,no way I could be wrong.

I look up in the sky now,in that field of weeds,
and pray to God above,that you can her my pleas.
Ill blow just one more out now,
and I will make a wish,
that I see you in heaven,
and will no longer miss.

To my Grandma Rose Casiello
I miss you more and more everyday.

© 2008 Deanna Cantoral. All Rights Reserved.


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