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A Special Hello To You

This Poem can be considered our introduction to our New York Poet Web Site. Within this Poem, you will experience a taste of how the author projects his views and his ability to communicate freely along various levels of emotions. The author's intention is to guide and fulfill you with a different life perspective.


A Special Hello To You

We all have been blind for a very long time,
And felt a little dazed and confused and so easily ruled.

We fell deep inside and injured our pride,
Unable to see the riches set for thee.

Well my name is Darren and welcome to my show,
Prepare to take a journey through a sense of awareness nice and slow.

As you sit back and listen, I want you to breathe the fresher air,
And allow your emotions to be brought out forward,
So you can sample them with care.

I would like to give you a little taste on the way I present my view,
So you can obtain those feelings, which are very true for you.

You just have to leave your mask behind and prepare your destination,
And focus your attention on a higher level of communication.

But there has to be a cause, which will arrive at effect,
That contains a duplication from the words, which you project.

There has to be intention so you can understand,
Each others feelings from a distance, which appear across the land.

We all propel thoughts from our own inner feelings,
Very similar to those, which reflect human dealings.

Dealings concerning emotions and dealings concerning trust,
Dealings which were given to all as a gift from God to us.

I write to guide and I write to fulfill,
Any individual who can confront his own will.

His will to learn and his will to know,
Those very special feelings, which will make him shine and grow.


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