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The Inner High

This is a Poem about searching for and finding an Inner High. It is something that since the very beginning of time all philosophers have been researching. Sometimes we seek answers from our dreams. Sometimes we question what exists now and what will become. The end result is the same—a peaceful state of mind.


The Inner High

Why are we always searching for an even greater high,
Over extending past our limits just soaring toward the sky.

We always keep on looking but we just never seem to find,
The high we perceive in the mists of our dreams,
The high which will soothe our total piece of mind.

Why are we living all our days as if they haven't come,
Like we were shuttered in a maze with no path or place to run.

You know if we truly believe we will be quite certain to achieve,
A different point of view that is only mastered by the few.

The talents we all hide are lying deep inside,
Just waiting to be exposed from a world that's so enclosed.

There are so many curves and struggles that appear throughout our days,
And so many tricks that will mislead us and cause a foggy haze.

So you just have to keep on reaching and keep your head above the ground,
And conquer every barrier and never get caught up in a frown.

You have to live your life so free and discover all there is to see,
And you will begin to find a peaceful state of mind.


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