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The Introduction

This best way to describe this Poem is by sharing what a reader posted on our testimonials page. "Darren, your Introduction Poem really touched my heart. I feel I have a soul mate in you. Thanks for those beautiful words and I hope your tomorrow is filled with as much sunshine as you have put in mine!" - Lydia


The Introduction

So from the theta universe, I introduce myself to you,
And provide you with a glimpse of something nice and true.

You know your picture does remind me of my gaze upon the stars,
When I took my nightly strolls while avoiding all the bars.

Because life provides real meaning to those who look ahead,
And who don't give their agreement to an atmosphere so dead.

There just had to be much more than this revolving empty door,
Where people discuss their pain as they look for whom to blame.

Yet this was the common agreement that was going round and round,
Which actually creates the distance when one is seeking to be found.

So one just keeps on searching for that route to inner truth,
Because he knows deep inside that it will yield the richest fruit.

The temptations are all around us and they hope you will astray,
But if your faith is strong, it will cast this gray away.

Somehow you've been chosen to lend your helping hand,
Because you have been enriched with new knowledge to this land.

It's a path one has to face when one walks now with this truth,
Because the route he left behind is just an empty shallow booth.

So in essence you can say my strolls were time with me,
Where I would ascend my feelings outward and perceive my dreams to be.

I would emit my aesthetic vision of that special tender friend,
Who would walk this route beside me and be there to the end.

Because bonding without real meaning is just an empty hollow shell,
Which returns back to the ground when the Reverend rings his bell.

So I hope you have enjoyed these words I send your way,
Because your beauty you have outflowed deserves nothing less than what I say.


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