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Within interpersonal relationships, the designation of loser is very hastily casted up others when some type of responsibility has failed. Although it may make one temporarily feel good by uttering the term, it offers no therapeutic value to the person concerned. Be more supportive to life situations and all will go right.



Have you ever been accused of doing something wrong,
I mean something so accidental so little in form.

You try to explain but you just cannot say,
Your real true reasons in your own special way.

Because the mistakes that you made before are the mistakes that shut your door,
And it caused people to judge you even harsher at your littlest flaw.

So you take the blame along with the shame,
And you get sick of playing this game.

Then you flee to a friend in search of a hand,
That will point you in the direction of thy Holy Land.

He comforts you for a while but then asks you to leave,
Because the story you tell him seems so hard to believe.

You feel a little angry about getting chased out,
Because you would be there to comfort him without any doubt.

You're not in real trouble but you just cannot go home,
You're just a little disgusted and would rather be alone.

You step out in to the bitter cold,
Feeling depressed and lonely like a loser on the road.


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