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Will You Marry Me

This is a Poem about an ever so tender marriage proposal. The author's perspective was to take into account those early life feelings of exhilaration when a female would stroll along the beach with another female companion discussing and envisioning her perfect partner to bond with on her future wedding day.


Will You Marry Me

Girl I want to love you and be right by your side,
Can you sneak me to your room and show me where to hide?

Because I've been dreaming for a while now that you would run away,
And I need you to convince me now that you are here to stay.

You know we've run into some struggles and I want to set them free,
Because when I'm in your arms it just feels so real to me.

Can you sense my way of thinking as you look into my eyes,
Can we speak without the riddles and finally realize?

That there are so many broken hearts out there that are filled with bitter pain,
Because couples just keep on testing their love while driving each other insane.

I've been walking on a cloud and I've been drifting here and there,
I need you more than ever girl you're my answer to my prayer.

I don't want you to get in trouble and I know it's getting late,
But there are words that must be spoken now and I have no time to waste.

So will you marry me and love me endlessly,
Because I have to know right now, do you accept my wedding vow?


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