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Mother's Wishbones, No Doubt

"Mother's Wishbones, No Doubt" represents an actual happening. And, Ruth has the wishbones to prove it—they're scattered here and there throughout her home and remind her of her mother (in a good way); and (in a good way) collecting wishbones of her own has become a tradition.


Mother's Wishbones, No Doubt
by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

All furculae with not a fragment
of dried-up flesh or sinew

to despoil their luster—the slew
of them ranging in size from

Cornish hen to turkey. Funny,
I'd never noticed her extricate

one, strip it clean, secrete it
somewhere long-forgotten.

I took possession of those bones,
pried loose some of my own

from birds broiled, barbequed,
fried; primed each, applied gold

leaf. Made more of them
than mother could've ever conceived

—the gilt, over the generations
of bones brittling whole, striking

beneath the wait of wishes.

© 2014 by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal. All Rights Reserved.


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