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Priceless Communications

In order to engage in Priceless Communications, one has to cast aside the false agreements existing in Society regarding how one must always remain in control by never showing what truly exists on the inside of us. Otherwise, you buy right into the fears people often have in trusting and getting closer to others.


Priceless Communications

Priceless communications are there really any words that can describe,
I mean those free flowing communications that entirely emanate from inside.

Life can be rather puzzling as to whom we can really trust,
Most go about it blindly and place their faith in the hands of above.

Maybe it's just a defense mechanism that we were taught when we were young,
To purposely stand in the way, if any real closeness is ever begun.

Because that can mean losing control if the inner light is shined on you,
And it's always best to one up another and let them wonder about your clue.

I mean how can we be so gullible to fall for this never ending superficial trap,
And live with everlasting separation that places us upon the outer track.

How can we really focus if we ignore all our spiritual truths embedded within,
And hide behind the one-time shadow of being forgiven from original sin.

You know we all have been touched by an Angel who guides us along our path in life.
Where the seed was forever planted for us to avoid and not succumb to external strife.

Isn't it better to extend a simple text where you pass on your hello,
Where it's totally OK to send along feeling to make another person glow.


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