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Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting New York Poet. We designed our site to make it easier for all users to interact with us. We recognize that it is critical for our public to be confident that their privacy is protected. Therefore, this policy describes our privacy practices regarding what information is collected and how it is used.


If you do provide us with identifiable information, such as your name, e-mail address and other personal information, we may contact you via e-mail to provide you with information we believe may be of interest to you. At the time, you will be offered the opportunity to opt out of this service.

We do not sell or transfer to others outside our company the information you send to us, except that your data may be transferred to an outside fulfillment company for processing and mailing purposes only. We consider your e-mail address and any personal information you provide to be private and this information will be kept strictly confidential within Nypoet and by any outside fulfillment company.

Information that is not personal, such as general questions, comments, ideas and suggestions, shall be deemed non-confidential and Nypoet shall be free to use and disclose this information in order to assist others in their poetic endeavors, without any obligation to you.

In addition, we may store some information on your computer to improve the quality of your visit to our site. In some cases, this information will help us to tailor the content to your interests, or help us avoid asking for the same information on repeat visits to the site. With most Internet browsers, you can erase the information, normally referred to as "cookies" from your computer's hard drive, block all cookies or even receive a warning before a cookie is placed on your system. Please refer to your browser instructions to learn more about internet cookies.

Our New York Poet site monitors and shares anonymous statistical usage information about our Website with a reputable third-party advertising company that enables us to learn which pages and advertisements bring users to our site. Our web hosting company, Powweb, provides us with the ability to view web traffic log files that keeps track of daily visits to our site. These web traffic log files do not contain any personally identifiable information whatsoever. For more information about their web traffic module program that they provide us with, please click here: Webalizer.

Our New York Poet site has a link page that contains links to third party sites. Their site contents, activities and privacy practices are not under our control. Therefore, our privacy policies do not apply to any of these third party sites. If you visit one of these sites, be sure to read their privacy policies.

When users visit an AdSense publisher's web site such as ours and either view or click on an ad, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser. The data gathered from these cookies will be used to help AdSense publishers better serve and manage the ads on their site(s) and across the web.

We are very concerned about protecting the privacy of children. We do not intend to collect any personally identifiable information from children under 18 years old. If a child has provided us with personally identifiable information, the parent or guardian of that child should contact us.

If at any time you do not wish us to contact you or if you have questions concerning our privacy practices, please feel free to Contact Us.


Copyright Statement

All Trademarks and Materials contained in this entire web site are the exclusive Intellectual Property of their respective owners and may not be used in any way without the prior written consent of the owners.


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