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The Return

This is a Poem about a heart that keeps on yearning for the presence of a lover returning. The strong passion and desire to reignite that romantic fire builds during the period of inner reflection. It can actually be overwhelming when we obtain our lifelong want. Try not to push it away as it really belongs that way.


The Return

Never let it be left unsaid that I never would return,
Because my heart just keeps on yearning and I cannot relieve its burn.

I have a strong passion and desire that's sure to set your heart on fire,
So please allow me to take your hand and let me show you who I am.

You know the times we spent together really meant a lot to me,
The atmosphere was subtle so peaceful and so free.

But we ran into a barrier, a barrier of elapsed time,
A barrier which stood right in my way and prevented me to shine.

There were so many special moments when I was wishing you were there,
So many special moments that I wanted us to share.

But the time kept right on passing while we were out of touch,
Time which was so precious because I deeply missed you much.

I'm really looking forward towards starting something new,
Because I know that I am ready now to share my life with you.

So why don't you drop by and let me gaze into you eyes,
I want to be more than friends and make you happy all over again.


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