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This is actually the very first poem I wrote. I was in the back seat of a car that was parked in our local neighborhood park. A local musician, Frankie, asked me if I had ever written anything. After replying "No", he simply handed me a pad from the front seat and asked me to begin. This is what I wrote on that pad.



I wandered into a bar and I ordered a drink,
I stood by the wall and I started to think.

I admired a friend who was playing a game,
That game was called pool which he worked hard to obtain.

He played so skillful while looking so sharp,
That when he shot at a ball it ignited a spark.

It bounced off the cushion and coasted down the rail,
And headed for a pocket just like a hammer does a nail.

So he demonstrated his game which was his fame,
A game he had mastered, which gave him his name.

So I left the table and just let him be,
Because I was still searching for the person that was me.

I have worked hard for this and I have worked hard for that,
And all that I received was just a soft little pat.

A pat on my shoulder and a pat on my side,
A pat which has wounded and nibbled my pride.

I was hurt by my friends and I was hurt by a love.
I fell down on my knees and I prayed to above.

But I never lost my faith and I never gave up hope,
Because I knew one day that I would sparkle like the Pope.

And I would work even harder to obtain my piece of mind,
And obtain all the riches that soon would be mine.

It may not come easy and it may not come soon.
But a strong feeling in my heart was starting to bloom.

I kept my head up high during the times when I cried,
Because a spiritual feeling was impending down deep from inside.

I felt its little tingle and I sensed its little glow.
Now I was on the ready, ready to go.

As I wake up every morning I would smile at the sun,
Because my life was very peaceful now and my work was getting done.


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