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Standing In The Corner

This is a Poem depicting the thought process one often experiences after a break up or separation of a relationship. It's the time period after the unpleasantries have subsided and the focus is upon wondering if the other person is now thinking what you are thinking. The author's perspective is to simply find out.


Standing In The Corner

I'm standing in the corner silently waiting alone,
I'm waiting for you to come to your senses to pick up and dial the phone.

It seems so hard to tell you because you never come around,
And no matter where I keep on searching you just never can be found.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking since we've been apart,
Are you feeling what I'm feeling deep inside your heart.

Have you already forgotten about the precious times we have share,
Like when I held you in my arms real closely when times were never bad.

Can you still hear my tranquil whispers spoken softly within your ear,
Can you recite those words of passion addressed to you my dear.

Since we've disengaged did your feelings die,
Or have they been buried by another lover's high.

Am I still present in the depths of your dreams,
Am I seen clearly like the real vivid scenes.

Were you feeling sorry when you fell in love with me,
And when you closed your eyes were you really kissing me.

It was really kind of special to fall in love with you,
I felt that I have tried my best to make your dreams come true.

So if you're out there wondering what's been on my mind,
Why don't you find out the answer and stay for a glass of wine.


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