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This is a Poem about striving through and overcoming the obstacles that life can throw at us. It is actually interesting to note that when we are faced with upsetting struggles and let downs, we often seek the assistance of a higher power. The author's perspective is to continue doing so to have that spiritual edge.



We all strive hard and work to achieve,
A greater fulfillment which we can receive.

One that will open our hearts and make us aware,
Of the answers we get from our daily prayer.

There are so many stops and struggles that we must overcome,
And so many upsetting rejections that make our lives feel so undone.

You have to produce while you can and try to stay ahead,
Because times may change your atmosphere and make you feel mislead.

We seem to be living all our days just trying to get by,
In a world that's so enveloped with many surrounding sides.

With those certain types of people who gnaw at the things we do,
As they cast their outburst of suppression that's so miserably untrue.

You just have to bear with the struggle, the tension and pain,
And do not drift from your path nor be hindered by shame.

You just have to give it your all as best as you know,
And overcome those barriers, which hold you down below.


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