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Taking The Initiative

This is a Poem about self exploration in approaching that special lady. It is the cross-link between the material and spiritual world. At first, we often focus on what we do or what we have and try to present this as our ticket in. Throw that idea away as it all comes down to who you are and how you exist inside.


Taking The Initiative

I'm writing you this letter to let you know that I exist,
Because when I caught your eye, I knew there was something I couldn't resist.

It was a warm and tender feeling that seems to come and go,
And when I placed my attention on it I sensed its mighty glow.

Well I always like to explore those things that attract my mind,
Maybe we can explore it together over a casual glass of wine.

Because why remain in mystery when communication can see things through,
I'll just have to take my chances towards fulfilling a reward of knowing you.

You know it takes a lot of guts to come out and write this down,
But I'm sure you won't be offended and there won't be any frown.

Because honesty is the key that makes the world go round,
Yet there's not enough participation and it really lets us down.

There are so many plastic couples who just sit and waste their days,
Offering no creativity and going in separate ways.

They just haven't broke the barrier of revealing deep within,
Their earlier past transgressions and their earlier relationship sins.

Well we're both above that level and high above their game,
So why participate in misery because its really such a shame.

A journey that's based on freedom and caring all the way,
Just being there together making each others day.


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