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The Unborn

From her collection entitled: A Young Girl's Mind, Deanna Cantoral, who has been writing since the age of ten, has always loved writing for herself and writing for others. We are happy to feature her writings. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, on our Featured Artists page, please feel free to Contact Us


The Unborn

It's a sensitive subject for most,
Unspeakable to the rest.

No one ever admits to it,
And some crumble at the mention of it.

Some act like its a sport,
and few feel there's no choice.

Many move on and don't give it a second thought,
And then there's the ones that carry it on their shoulders like boulders.

Some people will scold you for it,
Some tell you it was the right thing to do.

There's millions of unspoken excuses.
A constant battle of the brain telling you,
you were right rather then wrong.

Unspoken agony becomes a lifestyle.
Or it will be a causality.

I don't know much about how other people feel,
Just the most accurate assumptions I can make,
Some pertain to me,
Can't say which,
Like I said its become so unspeakable, it's not fair.

I honestly don't care anymore,
Think what you may
This life will never be forgotten.

I love you, whoever you might have been.
You didn't get the chance to live, but you'll always live in my heart and soul.
Until my very last breath...

© 2008 Deanna Cantoral. All Rights Reserved.


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