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Touched By An Angel

We have all heard the expression, "Touched by an Angel" where even a television series was titled as such and aired from 19942003. Well how fortunate one is when they are indeed "touched" by someone who unconditionally extends care openly to others. This special poem, written in May 2011, during a trying time for me, is an acknowledgement to a true "Angel" who offers herself in helping others.


Ball Touched By An Angel Ball

To an ever so caring executive staff member over in Nashville, Tennessee,
Who continually and unconditionally extends herself for others and assists them to go free.

I am actually doing so much better now as something major has truly blown,
Concerning the tail end of responsibility over a piece of truth that I had known.

I was over at the Org tonight studying lesson 6 of my AP&A (Advanced Procedures And Axioms),
Seeing how the definition of "Prime Thought" can be applied by us on each and any day.

You see Necessity Level gets its fuel from the original decision to be,
Where all of us can harness that energy in conquering anything we desire for thee.

Next came my precision drilling uttering correction list commands against the wall,
Where I continually did this over and over with true certainty until I had them all.

The technical terminals who arrived from California kindly accepted all of my written consids,
And guided me toward the correct application so that they forever could be rid.

That's what opened to door that there was real duty close at hand,
Quietly waiting for me outside the Org where I was able to deeply understand.

The Supervisor was with the Field Control Secretary mentioning how her hiccups were here to stay,
Where I gently mentioned I couldn't scare her as my major false purposes were stripped away.

I was able to receive a chuckle with us now standing together one on one,
Where the call of duty was to continue upon her spiritual adventure I had earlier begun.

I was able to instantly spot and perceive some of her hidden and inside pain,
So I quickly shared my win on how postulated conclusions can help others extinguish the same.

Next shared win was on my confessional directly tying to the reference, "Students Who Succeed,"
Precisely and purely emanating into her space my renewed desire to counsel others again and its ease.

I gently excused myself to call our opinion leader but not too far where she couldn't hear,
How I was rapidly moving through my technical delivery polish ups where the end of assignment is near.

Our opinion leader, Nick, is now within the loop of my obtaining that final internship video pass,
As I'm enthusiastically looking outside my window for UPS® to hand me my newly certified meter at last.

Thus I do not have much attention on the recently indicated and unflat turmoil still existing inside of me,
As a fellow parishioner needs to experience my precision application of my Prime Thought win from me.

Thank your for unconditionally always being there for me ~ Darren


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