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The Vision

This is a Poem about encountering a spiritual vision and the awakening that ensues. In our current society we have astrologists, fortune tellers, mystics, and the like, who profess to predict future events for us. One can receive interpretations from them or one can simply consult their own knowingness. Do the latter.


The Vision

Out from the distance a vision came to me,
Such a startling awakening that made me want to flee.

It moved a little closer as it was sweeping through the air,
It was so puzzling and mysterious was it foul or fair?

It approached into my presence and was open in its view,
And it fulfilled my piece of mind with a lesson and a clue.

A lesson told before that was spoken through a door,
Which revealed a guiding light that allowed me to choose all wrong from right.

There's a path of burning fire and a path of struggle and pain,
That everybody can turn into fortune if they would learn to think before they blame.

The choice was giving to us from someone who is abstract from human touch,
Who touches us inside with his superficial significance and pride.

As the vision starts to part I felt a tingle in my heart,
Because I have distinguished the difference between light and dark.


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