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When Nothing Else Matters

From her collection entitled: A Young Girl's Mind, Deanna Cantoral, who has been writing since the age of ten, has always loved writing for herself and writing for others. We are happy to feature her writings. If you would like to have your Poetry featured, on our Featured Artists page, please feel free to Contact Us


When Nothing Else Matters

Its really hard to explain,
this sort of pain.
But ill give it a go,
just to let you know.

It was empty and dark,
with no sign of light,
And all feeling of hope
was no where to be known.

It was lonely and silent,
no way to deny that,
without you in the world,
it no longer glowed.

I longed to hear your voice and looked up at the sky,
and just kept on wondering,
when it would be my time.

I knew that you were gone,
but it still felt so wrong.

They told me you were dead,
and I was told all these lies.

You called me one day,
and I thanked God you were alive.

I now have you by my side,
and you always will be mine.

© 2011 Deanna Cantoral. All Rights Reserved.


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