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Wishing It Would End

At first, per the title, this Poem communicates that there is a wishing or a yearning for a relationship to end. However, it is only the frustration one is experiencing from the lack of duplication of kind endeavors that one wants ended. Thus it is really a Poem about wanting a change to occur to an existing situation.


Wishing It Would End

I've been thinking about the times while you and I were friends,
And I've been nearing the decision of just wishing it would end.

Because I'm not the type of guy who likes to deal in games,
Because a lack of understanding is really such a shame.

You know a lot of time and effort was spent to make us grow,
That way if there was a struggle it wouldn't be a one way flow.

You know my friends thought I was crazy to call you once again,
If it wasn't for the times we spent our friendship would have ended.

You know the gifts I sent to you were sent to ease your day,
It was sort of a special thank you for listening to what I had to say.

But did you ever stop and think about the times you spent with me,
Did you ever try to send a gift or a surprise for me to see.

Well maybe you were waiting for when the time was right,
Or maybe it never crossed your mind and came into your sight.

Well it really doesn't matter because it feels so good to give,
I'm sure I'll be rewarded as I travel across the Bridge.


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