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This Poem, ending with what actually inspires me to write, can be considered a true pun on words. The author projects, in full poetic format, his intense yearning to write, yet he doesn't actually know how or where to begin. However, once focused upon the power of expression, the words project with full meaning.



Many times I often write not even knowing what to say,
But I seem to write so freely so please allow me to have my way.

I would like to write a song for you and share it with you all,
But just as I begin my pen just seems to stall.

There are so many things that can be written where shall I begin?
Because I don't want to omit a single person because that would be a sin.

You can tell I'm quite confused and I don't know what to say,
But words keep flashing into my mind in a rather mysterious way.

Should I write about a touching romance that ends with a wedding vow?
Or should I write about an act of violence that makes you scream out loud?

It's just the power of expression to reveal you are a soul,
And guide you to the truth that you so sacredly behold.

Because deep inside the Bible contain the clues for us to go free,
And that is why I so eagerly write because I want you there with me.


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